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In Honor and Celebration of Dr. James Bryan, II

Dr. Bryan has served the medical school, the university, and the community since 1964 when he joined the UNC Department of Internal Medicine. His career has seen the transformation of the UNC School of Medicine from a fledgling four-year medical school under Dean Dr. Walter Reece Berryhill to its current position as a premier academic medical center. For 50 years, Dr. Bryan has set an example of excellence that has made him legendary and beloved at the university, in the community, and across the state. He has not only taught, but inspired thousands of medical students and resident physicians. Role modeling—the day in, day out example of a committed physician who combines formidable intelligence with an even greater capacity for empathy and kindness—has been his hallmark.

More importantly, Dr. Bryan has cared for, comforted, and shepherded thousands of people through illness. Whether teaching or caring, Dr. Bryan is known for his humility, his unrelenting positivity, his wit, his diligence, astounding diagnostic acumen, and the ability to actively and effectively listen to people.

Ultimately, attitudes and acts define a person. Dr. Bryan has always presented himself as a humble servent. He has taught and practiced patient-centered holistic care for decades, teaching generations of doctors the challenges and rewards of the art and craft of medicine.

Please join us in honoring the career of this remarkable person whom so many at UNC have been grateful to call their doctor, colleague, teacher and friend.

Dr. Bryan was also one of the founders of hospice in North Carolina in the early 1970’s and has remained an active supporter ever since. You can learn more about the important care hospice provides by following the link on the left.

He requests that expressions of gratitude for his service be made to help fund the new UNC Hospice Inpatient Facility.

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